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Young Voices 2020

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Looking back at our Young Voices event in January, it seems more like a dream we could even be considering such a mass singing event!

We'll keep these resources up on the website here so you can keep dipping in and out and remembering all the song and dance moves from that amazing day/evening at Sheffield Arena.

Not forgetting too the chance for our Voices of Harehills children to remind themselves of those two songs, Kusimama and Larger than Life they had rehearsed so brilliantly for the Arooj Civic Hall event which (so disappointingly for everyone) had to be cancelled last month.

If you go to the website you'll see they have a YV at Home and YV Stories section so we can all keep going with Young Voices songs and dance movements at home until the time comes again when we can sing together, whether it be the Hall (Harehills Arena), Studio or even the Nurture room!


2020 Song Lyrics

Young Voices 2020 Lyrics




1 Best of the West


2 You'll Be In My Heart


3 Ode To Joy


4 Kusimama full


5 Kusimama Part 1


6 Kusimama Part 2


7 Frightfest


8 Larger Than Life


9 Shiny Happy People


10 Queen Medley


11 I Couldn't Do This Without You


12 A Thousand Hallelujahs


13 Somebody to Love


14 Pop Medley 2020


Dance Videos

Larger than Life Full Run

Larger than Life Breakdown 1

Larger than Life Breakdown 2

Kusimama Full Run

Kusimana Breakdown 1

Kusimana Breakdown 2

Kusimana Breakdown 3

Frightfest Full Run

Frightfest Breakdown 1

Frightfest Breakdown 2

Frightfest Breakdown 3

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