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my worry is that when i leave harehiils primary school i won't have any friends at high school becouse they don't know my personality and i might never see my old friends.

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Please try not to worry. When you join Year 6 in September you will have the chance to choose your high school. Once you find out your high school, you will see that lots of your friends in Harehills Primary will probably be going to the same school as you. Also, the teachers from the high school you choose will come to see you and make sure you go into a class with some of your friends. Hope this helps with your worry. Mrs Lee.

by Miss Pallas, Deputy Head Teacher

Hi there I am from another school called Hovingham Primary school and i am in year 6. I think you shouldn't really worry about high school because I suggest at this stage you should concentrate on your learning. I would just like to let you know that every child who is about to go to high school feels the same as you do so there is nothing to worry about. Thank You. By a Year 6 pupil from Hovingham Primary school.

Try finding some friends that have the same personality as you or are into the same things as you . Don’t worry I’d you don’t make any friend it’s a way of getting to know yourself better . There is always 1 or more people that will go to the same school as u I’m in high school and didn’t make any friends but I made some awesome new ones xx hope it helps a little 😘


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