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I am worried that I something bad will happen to my grandma and grandpa because they are really old and i don’t want to get ill and I only heard from them not seen them on video call

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Hello, I know we discussed some of the tricky things about being in lockdown earlier this week when I contacted you and your family. Your worry is a very natural one and you are not alone. One of the hardest things is not being able to see your wider family members in person and give them a hug like we normally would ☹. However, the fact that you video call the will mean so much to them and they will cherish those calls 😊. Remember, the very fact that we are staying indoors is the very thing that is protecting everyone but also those people who are more vulnerable in our families and wider communities. Staying in and not seeing the those people will keep them safe so you really are, in a different way than usual, taking care of them. Do continue video calling your Grandparents and perhaps write a poem or story to share with them or try a family quiz! They will really appreciate all that you are doing to keep them safe. Take care and stay safe, X

by Mrs McMullen, Assistant Head Teacher - UKS2


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