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I am worrried that i won't be able to come back to school and see all my friends and have to go to high school without saying good bye to them

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Hello, I totally understand your worries and concerns.

This is a very strange and difficult time and one of the most difficult things is the ‘not knowing’. I think everyone finds this bit difficult so remember, you are not alone.

As you know, we are a big family at Harehills Primary School and so whatever happens, we will make sure that there is an opportunity to get together and celebrate your primary school years but we will have to make sure we do this when it is safe for everyone. All your friends and staff at Harehills will be feeling the same and, even if our celebration has to happen later than we would want it to, we will make sure that it does .

In the meantime, perhaps speak to a grown up at home about safe ways to contact your friends – perhaps you could telephone them or keep in contact via email (you would need permission from your parents to do this). Also remember that there are weekly messages and updates from your teachers and other staff in school via the class blogs on the website.

We all hope that we will get the chance to be together again before the end of the summer term but, if that can’t happen, then remember we will come together as our special Harehills family to celebrate as soon as we can . Take care of yourself and your family, stay safe and see you soon, Mrs. McMullen & the Year 6 staff x

by Mrs McMullen, Assistant Head Teacher - UKS2


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