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Welcome to the Worry Wall. Please use this page to ask any question that you would like to know the answer to, but don't know who to ask. If you have any questions or worries, please post them here and a reply will be shown so that everyone can see the answer. Don't worry, all questions are anonymous so no-one will know who asked it.

would like the school to have an after school club as it would be useful for working parent i have notice there is non working parents but would you please consider parents who work as we find it hard to find suitable places as all schools already have school clubs but this school does not, i strongly recommend you consider working parents who work 9-5. thank you

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This is an interesting topic and thank you for raising the question. Please could you contact the school directly to talk about this in more detail with a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

by Mr Ben Hall, ICT Manager

is there any after school sports clubs as i wish for my child to join one of them please may you respond

Yes, we have a range of after school clubs. These include Netball and Zumba. You can find out more on the Extra Curricular page of our website.

Please could there be some after school homework clubs which will improve on childrens performance and SAT results.

can there be any clubs after school as my child wants to go to them

dear miss Broughton im gonna miss you so much have a nice time xxx your friends enjoy your retirement with your family and friends.

Please can we have after school club as my child would like to do activities in school

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Thank you for your question. Please see Mrs Thompson, Learning Mentor for more information about after school clubs.

by Mrs Thompson, Lead Learning & Pastoral Care Mentor


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