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Worry Wall

There is this girl and she always annoys me whenever i am playing with my friends and when i politly tell her to go she doesn't so then i tell a teacher and they always tell me ignore her everyday they tell that and i jist hate it please tell me what to do please

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I'm sorry to hear you are sad at school. If there is anything I can do to help, please come and see me.

by Mrs Thompson, Lead Learning & Pastoral Care Mentor

There is this girl at school who is so mean to me and when I'm playing with my friends she always says I can't play with my friends please give me some help

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Hello, I'm sorry to hear you're feeling upset at school. Please could you talk to your Key Phase Learning Mentor or Teacher before playtime or at lunchtime and I'm sure they will give you some support and strategies to help you and your friends at playtime.

by Mr Ben Hall, ICT Manager

I've just finished SATS and I'm so nervous about my results


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