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Wellbeing for Children

I think we can all agree that the last two years have brought about many challenges and difficult times for us all. Life can bring us all challenges but it is important to look at the positives too 🙂. Below you will find some simple tips to help with your mental health and wellbeing and also some links to other useful websites.

So what do we mean by mental health? Watch this video to find out more:


What can I do to help myself?

Small Things

Did you know that the small things can make a big difference to how we feel. 

  1. Talk to someone – talk to a friend or family member. Ask them how they are feeling or tell them about your day.
    If you’re not sure how to start the conversation, try the ideas below to help you.
    Try asking a question such as:
    ‘How are you?’
    ‘Hello. How was your day?’
    ‘Have you had/ are you having a good day today?’

    You could also talk to a friend or family member on the phone or send them a message (always make sure you ask an adult first). You could even try sending a letter to a family member or friend.
  2. Try a new hobby or do something you really enjoy – try baking, reading a good book or dancing to your favourite music.
  3. Be physically active – go for a walk with your family, ask an adult to take you to the park or do some exercise (ask your parent/ carer to help you with this). There are plenty of exciting online activities you can do at home. Follow the links below to get some ideas:
    Play Button Play button Play Button Play Button 
  4. Take a moment, breathe and maybe even practice some mindfulness – think about the meditations and breathing exercises we have done in school.
  5. You could ask an adult to look at the ‘Calm’ website/ app with you where you can practice meditation and mindfulness together. See the link to the calm website below (always ask an adult first). Calm logo




What can I do to help others?

Small Things

Again, it can sometimes be the smallest things that make the biggest difference when thinking about how to be there for others. It is important to make sure that you look after yourself though as it is only when you take good care of yourself that you can best look after others.

How Are You

Here are some ideas for how you can support someone else:

  1. Talk to someone - as we mentioned above, talking to someone can be really powerful, not just for your own wellbeing but for others too.
  2. Look out for others and remember to ask how they are feeling - ask ‘How are you feeling?' and remember - it doesn't hurt to ask twice - 'How are you really?' or ‘Are you sure you’re ok?’
  3. Take the time to listen - you don't need to have all the answers or be able to solve the problem straight away. Sometimes, just the act of listening can really help someone else and reminds them that they're not alone.


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  • Keep it simple - small acts of kindness can make the biggest difference
  • Active listening - show you really care by listening carefully to what the other person is telling you
  • You don't have to know all the answers - just being there for someone else is enough


Where can I get further information and advice?

Check out these websites and links for further information and advice (always ask permission from your parent or carer first):


Young Minds (if you are in Y5 & 6)
Young Minds Logo

 Where Can I get help