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At Harehills Primary School every child has the right to access a broad, balanced curriculum which allows them to achieve the best possible outcomes, become confident individuals, live fulfilling lives and make successful transitions.
Through our inclusive curriculum all our children learn, laugh and love together in a supportive environment and for children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities we make sure they have what they need to be successful

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The SEND Team

Mrs Liversage Mrs Collins Miss Methven
Mrs Liversage Mrs Collins Miss Methven
SEND Co-ordinator             Assistant SENCO            Assistant SENCO
Miss Pallas Mrs Lister Mrs Haywood
Miss Pallas Mrs W Lister Mrs Haywood
Deputy Headteacher - SEND Lead Teacher - The Willows Lead            Pastoral Care and Safeguarding Lead

Miss Pallas as Deputy Headteacher has the strategic lead for SEND and Inclusion and all SEND provision is co-ordinated by the SENCo Mrs Liversage. SEND Provision is monitored, reviewed and evaluated on a regular basis and reports are presented to the school Governing Board on how individual needs are being met and how SEND funding is used. Funding may be spent on additional services. For example, employing the services of a Speech and Language Therapist and additional traded time from the Educational Psychologist.

Mr Sam Paechter

We have a named governor (Mrs Julia Shemilt) who is overseeing SEND within the Governing Board.


Our Offer

Our school offer is based on the Leeds local offer. Find out more about our school offer here - including Frequently Asked Questions.

SEND Leeds Local Offer
Leeds local offer LIVE

Leeds SEND Information Advice Support Service - Drop In Sessions


Short Breaks Directory for children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs



SEND Provision - How we will support your children in the classroom

Children's Face Children's Face Children's Face
Autistic Spectrum Condition Friendly Cognition Friendly Dyslexia Friendly 
Children's Face Children's Face Children's Face

Physical, Sensory, Medical Friendly

Speech, Language, Communication Friendly Social, Emotional, Mental Health Friendly


ASC Friendly

How we support pupils with a diagnosis of Autism or an Autistic Profile in Harehills Primary School



Cognition Friendly

How we support pupils with Cognition needs in Harehills Primary School

Supporting Pupils with Cognition Needs


Dyslexia Friendly

How we support pupils with a Specific Learning Difficulty/Dyslexic profile (SpLD) in Harehills Primary School.

Dyslexia friendly

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Physical, Sensory and Mental Friendly


Speech, Language and Communication Friendly

How we support pupils with Speech, Language and Communication needs (SLCN) in Harehills Primary School.

Speech Language and Communication Friendly 


Social, Emotional or Mental Health Friendly

How we support pupils with Social, Emotional or Mental Health needs (SEMH) in Harehills Primary School.

SEMH Friendly



Our school policies reflect the school’s commitment to inclusion, safety and general well-being for all children and staff. 

Please follow the link below to get further information about our policies which include: SEND Policy, Relationships Policy, Single Equality Scheme, Accessibility Plan. Other relevant policies can be found on the safeguarding page. 



If you require any further information about any SEND concerns, firstly, contact your child’s teacher or please make an appointment to speak to Mrs. Liversage (SENCo) or Miss Pallas (Assistant Head Teacher).

Alternatively, you may find the answer to your query in our Frequently Asked Questions section or on the Leeds Local Offer which provides further information about SEND support.



Recent Quotes Regarding SEND at Harehills Primary School
"Thank you for your tireless support throughout the year, we appreciate it a lot."
A Parent.
"I had a lovely time in your school, just brilliant! Everything is so positive and going so well."
Speech and Language Therapist.
"The staff and children have been tremendous and you have been a leading light."
A Parent.
"The pupil benefitted from attuned adult support that read non-verbal signals, responded to needs in the moment and provided gentle prompts."
"I liked going to the Deaf friends Group it was fun."
Year 5 Pupil.
"There was a hearing dog! I stroked it."
Year 6 Pupil.
"Research around the effectiveness of Nurture Group highlights that attendance for 4-6 terms usually leads to sustained changes in behaviour and engagement. It is my view that the benefits of accessing this provision are starting to be seen."
"I appreciate that you and the school are very supportive."