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School Day and Uniform

Main School (Reception - Year 6)


Start Times (Gates open at 8.40am) and Finish Times (gates open at 2.50pm)

Year Start Finish Entrance
8.45am  2.55pm  Back gate (Ashton Road) 
5 8.45am 2.55pm Back gate (Ashton Road) 
8.45am  2.55pm  Back gate (Ashton Road) 
8.50am  3.00pm Back gate (Ashton Road) 
8.50am  3.00pm  Back gate (Ashton Road) 
1 B2 and B3  8.50am  3.00pm  Front gate (Darfield Road) 
1 B1 8.50am 3.00pm  Back gate (Ashton Road)
Reception 8.50am 3.00pm  Back gate (Ashton Road)

External gates and cloakroom doors will be closed promptly at 9.00am.

IMPORTANT: If you arrive after 9.00am you must report to the main school office via the front gate.



Important Information

Parents/carers bringing children to school should NOT enter school grounds until 8.45am / 2.45pm.
Once on school grounds parents/carers MUST be responsible for their children’s supervision until the doors open.
School staff will take responsibility for children at 8.45/8.50am when the school doors open and relinquish responsibility at 2.55/3.00pm when children are collected by parent/carer. The responsibility for the children’s safety and wellbeing will remain with the parent/carer at ALL other times when children are on the school site.
The school will NOT be responsible for supervision of children outside of the stated times unless children are attending Rise and Shine Club/After school club.
Children are NOT allowed to use/play on any of the fixed play equipment, and if parents/carers allow children to use them they DO so at their OWN RISK and take full responsibility for their children.
Harehills Primary School does NOT accept any liability for injury outside of the supervision times stated.


Morning Session 
8.45 - 11.45am (doors open at 11.30am)

Afternoon Session 
12.15 - 3.15pm (doors open at 3.00pm)



Because of the number of children at school we have 3 lunch sittings from 11.30am- 1.00pm. These take place in the Hall and the Studio. 

 School finishes at 3:00pm. Please collect your child on time.



Reception and Key Stage 1 have two 15 minute playtimes; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Key Stage 2 have one 15 minute playtime in the morning.



School Uniform

It is the policy of the school for all pupils to wear school uniform. This includes our Nursery children. We know that by wearing our ‘Harehills’ blue uniform it creates a sense of pride in belonging to our school. We encourage and support all our children to come to school looking smart and ready to learn!


Girl in uniform
  • Black or Grey Skirt or a Pinafore Dress
  • White Blouse or Polo shirt
  • Royal Blue Cardigan or School Sweatshirt
  • Royal Blue Summer Dress
  • Royal Blue Shalwar Kameez
  • Black Headscarf (White in Summer)
  • No jewellery is to be worn in school - watches are allowed
  • Girls with pierced ears are to wear studs - for safety reasons and these must be taken out before PE lessons


Boy in uniform
  • Black or Grey School Trousers
  • White Shirt or Polo shirt
  • Royal Blue Jumper or School Sweatshirt
  • No jewellery is to be worn in school - watches are allowed
  • Boys with pierced ears may wear studs - for safety reasons these must be removed/covered before PE lessons



It is important that all children wear suitable BLACK footwear and bring a coat/jacket to wear outside.


PE Kit: White t-shirt/polo shirt and black, blue, or grey joggers, leggings, or shorts.

Children in PE Kit

The local supplier for our school uniform is Jo Brand on Harehills Lane. Telephone 0113 2351 256.

Royal blue sweatshirts and cardigans (without the school logo) are available at most supermarkets, and are acceptable as school uniform.

If you require support with any aspect of school uniform, our Pastoral team is always happy to help so please ask.


Need help with school uniform...?

Parents, did you know about Leeds School Uniform exchange. Their website tells you more about what they do to help parents recycle unwanted uniform and where to go to get support with uniform for your child including PE kits.

There is information about what we can offer at Harehills Primary as well as local pop ups.

Want to find our more then click on the link below.