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Youth Parliament Elections

Many of you will remember Wania Ahmad who used to be a pupil at Harehills Primary School and was successful in becoming the Leeds Children's Mayor in 2019-2020 - a fantastic achievement.

Youth Parliament Logo

Wania is currently campaigning for a position in the UK Youth Parliament for Leeds. This competition offers a platform where she, if successful could make a difference in the community and advocate for the voices of young people at a regional and national level. She has asked me to send this information to you in the hope your older children will be able to support her by voting.

From Wania: -

My manifesto outlines how schools and colleges should work collaboratively with industries to develop a curriculum that provides practical skills and encourages the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and digital literacy – all factors which are essential for meeting the demands of our highly competitive job market. I aim to help students identify their strengths and interests, guiding them towards careers that align with their abilities and aspirations.

Anybody aged 11-18, living or going to school in Leeds, is entitled to vote. To cast their vote successfully, they are required to allocate the numbers 1, 2, and 3 to the boxes next to their three preferred candidates. They should put a 0 in the boxes for candidates they do not wish to vote for. They can vote here or by simply scanning the QR code below with their mobile phone:

QR Code

A copy of this information is also being sent out via email to all parents.