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Introducing some VIPs at Harehills Primary School

Head boys and girls

Last week we revealed which children in Year 6 would take on lead roles in school for 2021-2022. The children were all very excited and very proud to have secured these roles. They are:

  • Head Boy Bilal Saleem (Sandhurst 3)
  • Head Girl Ayana Hussain (Sandhurst 2)
  • Deputy Head Boy Imaad Ahmad (Sandhurst 1)
  • Deputy Head Girl Amna Ahmed (Sandhurst 3)
  • Deputy Head Boy for Health, Safety and Wellbeing Hadi Afaq (Sandhurst 2)
  • Deputy Head Girl for Health, Safety and Wellbeing Karolina Klisik (Sandhurst 1)

We know that all these children are perfect role models. The many wonderful qualities they possess will ensure that they are great ambassadors for our school, and they will represent the views of all children in school.

Congratulations to them all 😊👏👏👏