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Introducing some VIPs

UKS2 assembly was filled with excitement when they got to find out which Year 6 children had been given this year's VIP roles. Mrs Summerfield had the results in the now famous shiny red envelope.

Head Boys and Girls

The children selected certainly are full of personality and wonderful role models. They have the confidence to be perfect ambassadors for our school. Congratulations to......

  • Head Girl Safa Ibrahimi (Sandhurst 3)
  • Head Boy Justin Vuong (Sandhurst 3)
  • Deputy Head Boy Faheem Mohammed (Sandhurst 1)
  • Deputy Head Girl Aniyah Shahzad (Sandhurst 1)
  • Assistant Head Girl Hamna Sajid (Sandhurst 2)
  • Assistant Head Boy Jenilson Lopes (Sandhurst 2)

They will be amazing!