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Investors In Pupils

Harehills Primary School has been accredited with the Investors in Pupils award for the second time!

Investors In Pupils

On Monday 13th November 2017 Harehills Primary were visited by Gillian Mullens, the Investors in Pupils assessor. During the day Gillian met with pupils, staff, parents and governors to find out about the many ways in which Harehills Primary Invests in its pupils.

Here are a few quotes from our report from Gillian:

“Harehills Primary School provides a diverse, inclusive learning environment where the commitment, enthusiasm and positive attitude of all stakeholders is very evident.”

“The school ensures all families feel part of the ‘Harehills Family’ and those parents for whom language may be a barrier to engagement are well supported by the pupil ‘Young Interpreters’. A positive, caring culture is further enhanced by willing teamwork and joint purpose on the part of the staff, pupils, governors and parents. This resonates through the outstanding behaviour and exemplary attitude of pupils. There is a real sense of shared responsibility by all stakeholders for all aspects of school life.”

“The quality of relationships (staff-staff, staff-pupil, pupil-pupil) is a significant strength of the school underpinned by the principles of ‘Investors in Pupils’ and its underlying values and all staff and children showed a care and respect for each other. There is a clear sense of ‘family’ and this word was used repeatedly by all stakeholders to describe the school and community”.

“From the evidence seen on the day, it was clear that school is extremely focused on improving outcomes for pupils and building tomorrow’s community today. The school is highly driven to produce good citizens with real life skills and positive ‘can- do’ attitudes...

The school focuses on developing the whole child and takes the children and parents with them on this journey. The school provides a wide range of support to parents and families so that they can support their child at home, whether this be academically or through providing support around language barriers. One parent commented on the ‘open door’ policy employed by the school and how well supported they felt at all times.”

“The school has an abundance of hard- working, enthusiastic and dedicated pupils who are so proud of their school and the input they have in the school community. It was a pleasure to talk to them”

“The ‘Anti- Bullying’ assembly I watched during the visit, devised and performed by one of the Year 6 classes shared powerful messages about behaviours and attitudes, encouraging all pupils to celebrate uniqueness and difference.”