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HeadLines - Friday 27th May 2022

Jubilee fever 🏳👑🍰🎈

This has been a half term which has had everything, from KS1 & KS2 SATs to trips to Yorkshire Wildlife park, Temple Newsam and Potternewton park, Music nuggets, Poetry and a wonderful Jubilee celebration week culminating in street parties. Harehills Primary School has done her majesty Elizabeth II proud this week with all their celebrations for...

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HeadLines - 23rd May 2022


The atmosphere in school on Friday was buzzing and the energy created was infectious. HPS is at its best when there are lots of things going on. 😁

In the hall Year 6 were treated to a Music Nugget fun session which saw them totally engaged. One Year 6 boy described the experience as 'fabulous". Thank you to musicians from Artforms for creating something so...

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HeadLines - 16th May 2022

Key Stage 2 SATs 2022 - just fantastic 👏

After 3 years of disruption to their education, last week Year 6 children were expected to sit their Statutory Assessment Tests in English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, English Reading and Mathematics. Although I think this is very unfair for so many reasons, as with anything else we do, Harehills Primary put 100% into making the week as...

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HeadLines - 9th May 2022

Making the most of May

We started last week with many of our staff, children and their families celebrating Eid-al-Fitr. The celebration day we had in school on Friday was such a special time for everyone.

It is always lovely to see the children come dressed in their beautiful Eid clothes. I was out at the gate as everyone arrived at school and it was like a fashion show. During the day the...

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HeadLines - 2nd May 2022

All the little extras 🙂

It has been another week crammed full of exciting experiences including the Year 5 ISL for their theme, 'Were the Greeks Groovy?' which saw a few members of staff transformed into Greek gods taking part in Aphrodite's reality show?!! 😉 I know from my conversations with Year 5 children that these inspirational starter lessons really do activate their...

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HeadLines - 25th April 2022

Earth Day 🌍

It was a very happy start to the Summer term and the whole school embraced Earth Day on Friday. School Councillors had visited assemblies before the Easter holidays to share their vision for the day. This included us coming to school dressed in 'earth' colours which they decided are green, blue, white, and brown.

All classes spent time sharing a presentation approved by...

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HeadLines - Friday 1st April 2022

A week packed full of events 🌳🎨✍✨👏

The final week of this term has been packed full of so many things to celebrate and has been the perfect way to end such a busy term. The Art exhibition at Shine showcasing our children's artwork is wonderful, and I know staff have popped down with the children to see it. I visited with our Chair of Governors Julia Shemilt and...

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HeadLines - 28th March 2022

A productive week full of sunshine 😎

The sunshine seems to have kept us all going during another very busy week 🌞 It has been a real joy this week to watch our Year 2 children tackle their Mock SATs. Thank you to the Year 2 team for a supremely well organised week which has enabled every child to feel confident about 'having a go' - I think they have enjoyed the experience.


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HeadLines - 21st March 2022

The power to change lives

I know, like me, you will have been outraged and saddened by what has been happening in Ukraine over the past few weeks. It is hard to believe that in 2022 such a situation can arise. I am pleased that on Friday last week we did our bit to fund raise for the Comic relief fund. The powerful message for this year’s Red Nose Day is whatever we do, no matter how small,...

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HeadLines - 14th March 2022

What a busy week!

After missing out in 2021, Year 6 completed 2022 KS2 Mock SATS week in style. Thank you to everyone for making this such as huge success, especially Mrs McMullen who masterminds the complex operation. 👏 I know this is another key step in making sure our children are ready for their tests in May. Having missed so much time in school over the past two years due to...

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