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HeadLines - 9th January 2023

The joy of performing

I absolutely loved the experience of watching the children who had attended Young Voices 2023 at Sheffield Arena perform in Harehills Arena (our Hall) on Friday afternoon; a wonderful end to another week filled with high quality learning.

Being able to perform in front of hundreds of children and adults is a real test of character and the children exuded confidence and...

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HeadLines - 16th December 2022

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

We began the festive season on Tuesday 29th November decorating our Christmas tree and talking about the meaning of advent and the four candles representing Hope, Peace, Love and Joy. This was just the beginning of what has been another truly magical time at Harehills Primary School.

Children and staff have partied in style and our final day in school...

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HeadLines - 12th December 2022

Adding a bit of sparkle and joy

On my advent calendar it says, "Bring your best self to work today. Be your own Sparkle" and during a difficult week with high staff and child absence I have seen so many people 'sparkling'. It is wonderful to have a strong, staff team who are able to add that bit of magic even when it's tough. 

I came into school on Friday morning to find very excited...

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HeadLines - 5th December 2022

Advent - Hope, peace, joy and love and a missing chocolate

It's beginning to look a lot like another very festive Christmas time in school

What a wonderful week sprinkled with a little bit of magic that HPS does so well. We began the week with Family Assemblies to officially launch Christmas at Harehills Primary by decorating the Christmas tree and switching on the lights. I talked about...

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HeadLines - 28th November 2022

Manners week 2022

Last week was Manners week in school. We pride ourselves on our children having good manners and this is something that we have fostered over the years.

Elford 2 (Year 4) focused on Manners in their class assembly on Tuesday. I was so impressed with how confident they were in performing. Their assembly showed that the children have so many skills including acting, singing,...

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HeadLines - 21st November 2022

Anti-bullying and Children in Need 2022

Every November during Anti-Bullying week we focus on supporting children to be aware of how we can stop bullying, and if it does happen how they can get help. We have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying at Harehills Primary school.

Throughout the week classes have been engaged in a range of fun activities which have allowed for plenty of time to...

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HeadLines - 14th november 2022

We will remember

I am finding it hard to choose a highlight from last week, but the main focus was on remembrance.

Sandhurst 2 class assembly all about Remembrance day was wonderful and it was great to see so many parents come to watch. On Friday, the Remembrance Day class circles poignant 2 minutes silence gave me goosebumps, especially when the sun came out briefly from behind the clouds....

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HeadLines - 7th November 2022

Bonfire Safety and Year 6 journey celebration 🎆🔥🗺

It's been another very happy start to a half term. We may have seen a lot of rain and it is getting dark before we leave work, but the positive, busy vibe across school helps to put a smile on everyone's faces.🙂

We invited Victoria and Hannah who are local PCSOs to our family assemblies on Tuesday. They talked...

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HeadLines - 17th October 2022

Educational experiences

As we are approaching the final week of this half term, I have been reflecting on the wealth of educational experiences we offer at school. For families living on tight budgets, in the current economic climate it is very difficult to do anything beyond feeding and clothing their children. This makes it even more vital that we can offer all those life experiences,...

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HeadLines - 10th October 2022

Celebrating Black History month

October is Black history month and last week Mrs Marshall led our family assemblies. She spoke to the children about famous black people that they already know including, Marcus Rashford, Meghan Markle and Oti Mobuse. The focus of the assembly was then shifted to make the children aware of lesser-known black people who have had significant impact on the world...

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