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HeadLines - 6th July 2015

Fun in the sun!

Sports afternoons took place last week for several year groups. Year 5 children had been superbly trained to act as Sports ambassadors and under the watchful eye of Mr Waddington they coached our younger children so that they could make the most of the sporting challenges. The objective was maximum participation and the result was children using very inch of our playground and...

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HeadLines - 29th June 2015

Embracing Change

We have reached the final few weeks of the school year and it is the time when everyone starts to feel a mixture of emotions because of the changes ahead. In a confidently performed assembly, the children from Darfield 1 shared with us lots of ideas for how to deal with the fear, worry, upset that can happen during a time of change. Change can be very scary but it is also...

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HeadLines - 22nd June 2015

Living in the Hall of Fame

Our Year 6 children delighted both their families and our staff and children by showcasing their many talents in a fun-filled leavers show, aptly named "The 6th factor". Acts included a variety of dancing styles; singing; comedy; puppetry; magic and agility. The performance finished with an emotional finale with all 90 children singing their version of the Hall of...

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HeadLines - 15th June 2015

School Lunches; a new dining experience

Eating a healthy diet is vital for our children's health, growth and well being. It also ensures they are ready to learn.

This week we introduced a new menu for children eating a lunch in school. The menu has been created in response to parents and children's views, whilst at the same time offering children the chance to try something different. We are...

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HeadLines - 8th June 2015

Sport, sport everywhere!

Last week was full of examples of increased participation in Sport. Two teams entered an inter school Cricket tournament, both successfully winning through to the finals. On the same day, Jill Wilkinson, PE Consultant from our local authority, came into school to train our teachers on how we can interest and engage our children in PE and Sports. Staff came away...

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HeadLines - 18th May 2015

Giving and Gaining

Last week ended in a very special way. The site was alive with 57 volunteers who came to give their time to improve our outdoor environment. Companies taking part in the UK National "Give and Gain" day were Emsleys Solicitors and Wrigleys Solicitors, Enterprise Rent-a car, EMIS and TD Direct Investing. They set about gardening, painting, varnishing and generally giving a...

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HeadLines - 11th May 2015

Team Spirit

Working together as a team helps us to achieve much more and this week I have seen evidence of great team work wherever I have been. Year 2 showed true grit and character when they braved the unpredictable British weather on their trip to Scarborough. Even though it was windy, cold and wet they were determined to feel the sand between their toes and have the pictures to prove... Read More

HeadLines - 4th May 2015

Governors; Going that extra mile

Last Tuesday our Governors met to review what's been happening over the last term at Harehills Primary.
A dedicated group of skilled and energetic individuals it is their role to support but add challenge to the leadership of the school. They ensure that the Head teacher and the Strategic Leadership team are accountable for all aspects of school life. At this...

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HeadLines - 27th April 2015

Young historians, inspired to learn

Summer term has begun with some fun inspirational starter lessons. Year 2 children enjoyed the fun of a Victorian seaside experience, including tasting cockles! As young historians they will be able to compare the seaside of the past with seaside visits for 21st century children when they go on their trip to Scarborough next week. Year 3 got a taste of life...

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HeadLines - 20th April 2015

Welcome back to school. I hope you are all rested and ready for the busy half term ahead.

Thank you for supporting the school in improving uniform. Our children look so smart in “Harehills blue”. Now it is the Summer term children will need a white or light blue polo shirt (with Harehills Primary logo on if possible) Girls can wear blue checked dresses or blue shalwar kameez if they...

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