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HeadLines - 18th July 2016

Fun in the sun

Thursday was such a wonderful day filled with fun from start to finish. During the school day all classes took part in a range of activities inside and out, including, an inflatable slide and bouncy castle and football in our MUGA. At 3pm families met their children and then together they were invited to spend at our stalls, buy food and drink, take part in fun activities, have...

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HeadLines - 11th July 2016

Moving on up!

Taking the next step in life can often be scary and lead to a mixture of emotions including, worry, excitement, fear and apprehension. Last week our children had the opportunity to spend the afternoons in their new classrooms meeting their new teachers to help them prepare for the changes in September 2016. During the afternoon they participated in a wide variety of activities...

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HeadLines - 4th July 2016

Sharing best practice

Mrs Lee and I attended a celebration event for our Recently qualified teachers (teachers who are in their first 3 years of teaching) last Wednesday at Carr Manor Community school. We were privileged to watch Mrs Caldwell, Miss Johnston, Miss Green, Miss Tremayne and Miss Shaw share examples of their own teaching which has had a real impact on learning within their...

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HeadLines - 27th June 2016

How? Why? When? What? 

Science is.... amazing, exciting, unpredictable, mad, brilliant are just a few of the adjectives children used to describe Science during our Science week last week. It was great to see every class absorbed in investigating, experimenting, predicting and having fun with Science. 

A huge thank you to Mrs Sharif (now known as Sharp-minded Sharif) and Miss Leckenby whose...

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HeadLines - 20th June 2016

Early Years; giving our children the best start

Miss Pallas, Assistant Headteacher for Early Years and Miss Melling, Year group leader for Reception (F2) were thrilled to be able to see another improvement this year in achievement for our children in the Ashton classes.

They have demonstrated what outstanding leaders they are. The way the whole Foundation 2 team have assessed, moderated,...

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HeadLines - 13th June 2016

Red, white and blue 

Harehills Primary school was dressed in red, white and blue last Friday. We wanted to show how patriotic we are and mark the Queen's official 90th birthday in our own way. Some staff and children made or wore hats and I spotted flowers and hair bands in all three colours. it was fantastic to see the union jack wherever I looked. During the afternoon all classes had a...

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HeadLines - 6th June 2016

Euro 2016 team champions

In assembly this week I will be setting a challenge for all classes in school. They will be asked to 'champion' a team for the duration of the Euro 2016 football championships. As part of this, the class will have some key things to find out about the country they are supporting; including the capital city, national anthem, main language spoken language, traditional...

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HeadLines - 23rd May 2016

The "H" Factor

My aim has always been to create a happy school; a place where staff and children want to come to work and learn every day. People from Liverpool and Manchester have contacted us this week praising our website and the ethos it conveys.

"It comes across as a caring and co-operative school that puts the best interests of the children its core", one review commented. Another said...

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HeadLines - 16th May 2016

Rising to the challenge 

Year 6 children showed 'true grit' and strength of character during the Key Stage 2 SATS week and I felt so proud of every single one of them. Faced with tests that would have tested children who have spoken English since birth, our children; the vast majority having English as an additional language, kept their focus, self belief and confidence.

Whilst walking...

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HeadLines - 9th May 2016

Positive relationships 

It has been a joy to watch our staff buddies meet with their Year 6 children and show an interest in the progress each individual child has made this academic year. Thursday was a really special day when all our 1:1 Readers took time to coach and support the child they will read to in the SATS this week. The relationships which have been established are heart warming...

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