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HeadLines - 5th Feb 2018

Inspirational starter lessons

One of the aims of our Harehills Curriculum is to offer high quality learning that will inspire, motivate and challenge all learners. There was evidence of this in abundance last week. 

  • Year 2 staff staged a mock fire as part of their theme, 'Who left the oven on' and ended the week with a visit from the fire brigade. 
  • Year 6 team created an incident where a...
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HeadLines - 29th January 2018

Collaboration at its best

There have been so many opportunities to showcase what we do at Harehills Primary this week and our visitors have without exception been impressed by what they have seen.

"Wow, wow, wow" was the reaction from one of the visitors from Belgium and the consensus of the group was much the same. We hosted 15 EU visitors who are all part of an Erasmus project looking at...

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HeadLines - 22nd January 2018

The joy of singing

The highlight of last week has to be our group of Young Voices 2018 performing in Harehills Primary School Arena; just magical!

Earlier in the week many of the children, accompanied by staff had gone to Sheffield Arena and joined with thousands of other children to participate in this years Young Voices event.

It was wonderful for us to get a snapshot into what they had...

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HeadLines - 15th Jan 2018

'Safe as houses'

Last Monday Miss Melling and Mrs Haywood launched our annual 'Safe as Houses' project in both our family assemblies. I had talked about new year resolutions and the determination needed to ensure that we succeed in achieving them. It was the perfect time to ask children to make a pledge to keep themselves safe and to help others to keep themselves safe as well.

This year...

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HeadLines - 8th Jan 2018

A new year; time to reflect

It was a very happy start to 2018 last week at Harehills Primary. Staff returned looking refreshed and ready to face the demands of the new term. It was wonderful to see our children looking so smart in their uniforms and really eager and ready to learn. 

Just before we finished for the Christmas break I shared with the staff team 12 fantastic achievements from...

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HeadLines - 11th December 2017

The magic of Christmas in a Primary School

Last night I watched with pride as members of our choir joined with children from4 of our cluster schools to sing a rang of Christman songs at St Aidan's Church. You could feel the spirit of the season as they celebrated the messages of hope, peace nd goodwill that lie at the heart of the well-loved Christmas story. This was just the beginning of...

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HeadLines - 4th December 2017

Keeping active

Over the last couple of weeks our children have been making the most of being active outdoors. The Ashton classes all spent a day at Skelton Grange and enjoyed a range of activities on offer. 

Last week, 38, Year 6 children took on the many challenges asked of them during our winter residential at RobinWood. 

It was an absolute delight to listen to children excitedly telling...

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HeadLines - 27th November 2017

Pupil power

"Pupil voice is integral to the running of this school.Staff and pupils feel it is a real focus for helping move the school forward....when questioned all pupils felt their voice is listened to"
(Investors in Pupils report November 2017)

This was certainly true on Friday when Harehills Primary school embraced National Takeover day by appointing children to take over jobs right...

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HeadLines - 20th November 2017

Showcasing what we do best

I am often asked what it is that our school does well and if I could wrap it up and put it in a neatly tied package I would. Last week was a week in which we showcased just a few of the things we do best.

It is hard to know where to start in terms of picking a highlight as there were so many. Whether it was the success of the Investors in Pupils reassessment...

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HeadLines - 13th November 2017

Circles of friendship

Bexley 1 children did a wonderful job of showing us just what it means to be a good friend when they performed their assembly last Monday. They amazed their audiences by confidently acting out the story of "Six Dinner Sid" and showed us clips of how they make sure they are a good friend to other class members which had been filmed in their classroom and outside in our...

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