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HeadLines - 23rd April 2019

Ready, set, go.... welcome to the summer term

Last week was such a happy and productive start to the summer term with everybody back raring to go; we certainly made the most of the four day week 👍 Mrs Lee entertained us with an assembly all about how we can be resilient; one of our six key learning behaviours. This is a half term packed full of challenges especially for our Year 2 and...

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HeadLines - 25th March2019

Active Participation

It was a real joy last week to watch our Year 2 children tackle their Mock SATs. They have been given the confidence and empowered to participate in tests by the supportive environment they learn in every day. I want to say a massive thank you to the Year 2 staff team for making the classrooms such a happy place to be. When I said that I thought they would enjoy the...

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HeadLines - 18th March 2019

Children at the heart of everything we do

If you asked the question, "What's it like to be a child at Harehills Primary School?" then last week would have given you the answer.

The whole week was a real celebration of the quality of education we provide and our ethos built around learn, laugh, love shone thorough everything. SLT carried out lesson observations in every year group, whilst...

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HeadLines - 11th March 2019

Now that's what I call learning

Wow - blink and you would have missed this week because it was so jam-packed with learning. 

Year 6 children amazed and astounded me with the true grit and determination they showed when approaching their Mock SATs and the wave of support created for them by our staff team was just wonderful. I would like to put a 'shout out' for Mrs McMullen and the Year 6...

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HeadLines - 4th March 2019

A hook into learning

When I read the post-it notes that children had written with reasons why they love our school, many of them mentioned theme lessons; this week reminded me why that might be so. The mystical music from the Harry Potter films filled the air as our Year 6 children entered the building on Tuesday and on their tables every child found a letter telling them they had...

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HeadLines - 25th Feb 2019

Looking after everyone's well-being

A week focused on the well-being of children and staff was a lovely way to end a very busy half term.
Teachers planned a range of activities for their classes which included:

  • Mini-me yoga
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Mindfulness
  • Music 
  • Time to talk sessions

Members of the staff team were given 2 vouchers which they could exchange for a well-being session... Read More

HeadLines - 11th February 2019

The right to a safe space

Last week was filled with magical moments and non more so than the celebration of learning from this years Safe as Houses project. Family assemblies led so confidently by the children of Sandhurst 3 was just one example of how our Harehills Curriculum hooks children in and ensures they want to learn. It was heart warming to see the  safe spaces that had been lovingly...

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HeadLines - 4th Feb 2019

Learning , laughing and loving in abundance 

Year 3 amazed us with their snapshot into learning assemblies. Through acting, singing, showcasing writing they took us on a journey not only to different countries through the use of film clips but through every subject and aspect within the curriculum that they had visited since starting in year 3. The breadth of knowledge, skills and...

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HeadLines - 28th January 2018

The joy of performing

I absolutely loved the experience of watching the children who had attended Young Voices 2019 at Sheffield Arena perform in Harehills Arena (our Hall) on Friday afternoon;  a wonderful end to another week filled with high quality learning.

Being able to perform in front of hundreds of children and adults is a real test of character and the children exuded confidence...

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HeadLines - 21st January 2019

Safe as houses: the power to speak up ðŸ‘

"The power of one who stands with courage" are the final lyrics of our school 'Safe as houses' song. Every year in January Miss Melling and Mrs Haywood launch our "Safe as houses" project which aims at reminding our children of how they can keep themselves safe, as well as helping to keep others safe. They always manage to find a creative way to...

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