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HeadLines - 4th November 2019

A half term full of learning

What an amazing half term this has been. If our intent is to make sure that our children laugh a lot and love being at school to learn then our staff team have implemented this and the impact is seen everywhere.The smiles on the children's faces says it all!

I reflected with the governors on what had been achieved and we had a long list including the... Read More

HeadLines - 21st October 2019

The little extras that make a big difference

A splash of pink everywhere today reminded me of how amazing our staff and children are when asked to take part in anything! It is the extra things such as 'wear it pink' day, amazing assemblies, trips, visits, clubs etc... etc.. that really are the icing on the cake in terms of putting the loving and laughing into learning.

Our school is such a...

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HeadLines - 14th October 2019

Heal the world, make it a better place ðŸŒŽ

At a time when there is much going wrong in the world it is a sign of hope to see young children giving key messages about how we can all make a difference and make the world a better place for everyone.

Year 3 children (Darfield 2) reminded us of how everyone has the right to be equal regardless of colour or race when they performed their...

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HeadLines - 7th October 2019

Exciting experiences

Since the start of this new school year our year groups have planned in so many exciting experiences which really do bring the curriculum to life. Here is a taster of what our children get to do:

  • Year 2 children have explored the woods and had a visit from the owls
  • Year 3 children have appreciated the art of sculpture in Yorkshire Sculpture park
  • Year 5 children have...
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HeadLines - 30th September 2019

A consistent approach

Last week we welcomed our new School Improvement Advisor Duncan Grant on his first visit to Harehills Primary and he was very impressed by what he saw. He recognised the hard work that has been put in to achieving 'a high level of consistency with regard to classroom environments' and saw that school 'clearly has high standards and expectations'.

Duncan was able to see...

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HeadLines - 23rd Sept 2019

Calm and purposeful

​There are so many things that make me feel proud of my school but this week when I have been out and about in all areas it is the positive relationships between staff, staff and children, and staff and parents that has really shone out. It is so important to learn how to make people feel welcome, safe, valued, included and happy. All our learners are entitled to...

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HeadLines - 16th Sept 2019

Look what you can achieve if you collaborate

We always focus on the power of collaboration during the first half term of the school year. This year I shared an example of how different people in school have collaborated on a project and what a success this was.

The aim was to create a virtual tour of our school which shows what a happy, welcoming place it is and the result was fantastic. In...

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HeadLines - 9th September 2019

Back to school and ready to learn

A very warm welcome back everyone. We had such a happy start to the new academic year. It is wonderful on the first day back to walk around and see children arriving with their families looking smart in our Harehills blue uniform, eager and ready to learn.

Every classroom and area looks bright, exciting and welcoming. Our staff team really does go that extra...

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HeadLines - 22nd July 2019

The world we want to make

The end of term is always very emotional particularly for the Year 6 children who are leaving us to go to high school. Their leavers performance, "Robin and the Harehills Hoodies" was fantastic . 🙌 Every child had been given the opportunity to showcase their personality and their talents. We laughed, we cried and we clapped with appreciation. If the job of a...

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HeadLines - 15th July 2019

Ready for the next step

It was wonderful on transition day last week to visit classrooms and see happy, smiling faces. Every class spent a day with their new teacher in their new classroom and had a taster of what it will be like in their new year group, as well as meeting the staff who will be working with them. I couldn't help but notice how ready for this next step they all are.

Our staff...

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