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HeadLines - Thursday 9th April - Sending a smile

Coronavirus advice

To all our children and families I want to send my best wishes and a smile which I hope you will share.

We are now into week 3 of lockdown which is also week 1 of what would be our Easter holidays under normal circumstances and I know from the calls and messages we have received that many of you are feeling fed up.

All your class teachers and the adults you work with are sending messages...

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HeadLines - 16th March 2020

Keeping one another healthy and safe

Last week we hit the half way point of this half term and many staff have spoken about how challenging it is at the moment. The ever changing picture of what is happening as a result of the spread of the coronavirus is an unprecedented concern and pressure for all of us. I want to re-assure everyone that our leadership team and our governing board know...

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HeadLines - 9th March 2020

Words, words everywhere 💬

Everyone in Harehills Primary dressed up to represent a word as part of our World Book day. Miss Pallas and Mrs Mann who take a lead on promoting reading within school had planned a fun-filled assembly which included a very enthusiastic cast of adults acting out the Jolly Postman story. What a wonderful way to remind children of the enjoyment they can get...

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HeadLines - 2nd March 2020

A positive start to the new half term

Last week was a challenging one and the snow on Monday morning made it particularly difficult for many staff to get to work. It is when things are tough that I can see more than ever what an incredibly supportive staff team we have, so a huge thank you to all of our staff for looking out for one another's well-being.

Every year group has picked up where...

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HeadLines - End of Half-Term Feb 2020

Looking after everyone's well-being

We ended a very busy half -term with our second Well-being week which was just wonderful. From daily mindfulness quotes to Mini-me yoga, cooking, singing, painting and time to talk sessions our children have had a week jam-packed with activites to help their well-being; they have absolutely loved this.

Staff have been treated to options such as: leisurely...

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HeadLines - 10th February 2020

The confidence to perform

Yet another week has whizzed by and we have managed to cram in more magical moments. I know we were all wowed by Sandhurst 3's assembly and the way the children 'owned' the performance. They managed to take the story of Noah's ark and make it current, including a rap which three of the boys had written. The message of new beginnings came through loud and clear; very...

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HeadLines - 27th Jan 2020

Safe as Houses 2020

Last week saw the launch of our Safe as Houses project 2020 and this year we are exploring the "The Huge Bag of Worries" story. It is interesting and very helpful in reminding us all of how we can manage our busy lives which often present us with many worries all at the same time. I was incredibly impressed by how confident our children are when sharing what they know...

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HeadLines - 20th January 2020

Working in partnership

Last week all our teachers went to the Royal Armouries to see what they offer which will further enhance our curriculum by bringing history to life. After experiencing some off their workshops, including those about the Tudors and World War 2 we are excited to be working in partnership with their education department. The Royal Armouries is so close to our school and...

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HeadLines - 13th December 2020

A little bit of mystery and magic 💫❇️

What an exciting time we had when we returned to school last week. Children from all year groups were fascinated by the two foxes who spent time in our playgrounds and up on the roof; the visit even inspired reception children to write books!

Meanwhile, there were strange occurrences happening around year 6 with reports of animals...

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HeadLines - 16th December 2019

What's it like to be a child at our school?

Last week we shared our Ofsted report with our families and the first section is all about what it is like to be a pupil at the school and last week was a perfect reminder of what a fantastic place our school is to be.

There is one word to sum up the week and it is MAGICAL. Christmas in a primary school is a very special time of year and always...

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