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HeadLines - 23rd November 2020


Since we re-opened school in September, our teachers have taken time to assess the gaps in learning for all children in their classes that have occurred due to the time children were unable to come into school when the country was in lockdown. Much of the work done to help children to catch up will happen through careful adjustments to planning for whole class teaching and focused...

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HeadLines - 16th November 2020

Where there's a will there's a way

The daily challenge for us at the moment is to find a way to do all the things that we value and enjoy but to do them in a way that keeps us safe from catching coronavirus. We have completed week 2 of this half term and wow, what a lot we have embraced! At 11am on Wednesday 11th the whole school observed another powerful and poignant act of remembrance. It...

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HeadLines - 9th November 2020

Heart-warming 😊

We have had another very different start to a half term which has seen us entering a second national lockdown. I have been heartened by the high numbers of children who have happily come into school since the new restrictions came into effect. This shows that our families feel confident that the measures we have put in place in school are helping to keep their children...

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HeadLines - 23rd Oct 2020

HURRAY🎉 😁!!!!

We made it through 7 weeks of new systems of control and it is now time for a great big rest which everyone really does deserve.
In this world of restrictions, we need to find ways to treat ourselves and I hope that is what you will do over the half term break.

Whether you are a member of staff, a child or a parent please take time to recognise what you have...

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HeadLines - 19th October 2020

The lunchtime experience

It is no mean feat feeding hundreds of children every day and especially when you opt to seat children, serve 'family service style and keep children all safely in their class bubbles! Mrs Lee, our Deputy Head has put together a plan with military precision which enables 3 sittings in 2 dining halls, alongside packed lunches in class bubble bases to all happen...

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HeadLines - 12th October 2020

A happy place to be

Last week was the first week when our new Reception children in Ashton 1,2 and 3 classes stayed in school all day, including having a school lunch. It has been wonderful to watch them arrive at school, all wide-eyed and ready to learn, laugh and love 😊. At the end of the school day it is equally as rewarding to see them meet their families with big smiles on their...

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HeadLines - 5th October 2020

Globovision 2020- putting on a show

The coronavirus pandemic might have meant that we have had to re-think some of the activities we would normally do in school, but the teachers at HPS will always find a way to inspire and engage our children.

Faced with being unable to open the Sandhurst Restaurant to offer children a range of international cuisine with the intention of them writing...

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HeadLines - 28th Sept 2020


Since our children returned to school, they have been enjoying activities based around a book called 'Belonging' by Jeannie Baker. We wanted them to be able to talk about the changes to their lives that they had seen through lockdown and to discuss their hopes for our community as we move forward. At a time like this it is so important that we make time to allow everyone to talk...

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HeadLines - We are in this together

What a fantastic week 😊

I have always known that the sense of belonging and being one big HPS family is something that would be so important when times are hard and I have seen this everywhere I have been this week. Be it by adults wearing a face covering on site or everyone doing their bit to social distance it has been wonderful to see the support for keeping one another safe. It is...

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HeadLines - We are back!

To hear one of our children, say, "I had the best day in school" to her mum at the end of her first day back after such a long time was just perfect.

It was with as real sense of excitement, albeit a little anxiety, that we opened our school to all children in Year 1-6 last week for the first time since March 20th. It might be complicated in terms of staggered start and finish times, but I...

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