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HeadLines - 10th June 2024


'Better together' was the song I played when children came into assembly last week and it really is so true of HPS. All across school last week I saw examples of staff working together to make things the best they can be for one another, and the children they work with.

After talking to the children about the power of teamwork we looked at the Men's Euros 2024 and why effective...

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HeadLines - Friday 24th May 2024

Happy Half term
As we reach the end of another half term, I want to thank the HPS staff team for all they do every day to make sure our school continues to be such a wonderful place to be. 
It is amazing how much has taken place in a six week half term. From  KS2 SATs to trips to Yorkshire Wildlife park, Temple Newsam, Year 5 Games Night & Sleepover, fantastic class assemblies, filming...
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HeadLines - 20th May 2024

KS2 SATs 2024 - Determination, persistence and 100% effort

Thank you to all those who have helped support our children and our Year 6 staff team throughout the demands and challenges of the KS2 SATs week. Our Year 6 children amazed and delighted me in so many ways and that is what this is all about. The attitude and desire to succeed that they showed most definitely was exemplary! I think...

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HeadLines - 13th May 2024

School Council a powerful voice for change

School Council delivered a strong message to us last week about being fair. The focus for their assembly was Fairtrade and they confidently shared information and gave convincing reasons for why we should choose to buy products displaying the Fairtrade logo when we shop. Making that conscious choice is something easy to do and it will have a really...

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HeadLines - 7th May 2024

Collaborative working

Over the past 3 weeks we have had so many examples of how important it is to collaborate and recognise the things we can achieve by working together. At the end of last week I reflected on the support and inspiration I get from working with a group of talented Headteachers within 2gether Cluster and Inner North-East Family of Schools.

It made me think that sometimes we...

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HeadLines - Happy Easter and Eid Mubarak

Happy Easter   Eid Mubarak

As we approach the holiday which this year includes Easter and Eid-al-Fitr, I have been reflecting on another happy and productive term in school. This has included:

  • 5 confident, entertaining class assemblies.
  • One very positive Mock KS2 SATs week.
  • Our first ever February Arts and Wellbeing Festival.
  • 100% March Attendance challenge.
  • Purchasing a brand new minibus.
  • The Debating team...
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HeadLines - 11th March 2024

KS2 Mock SATS, World Book Day; another busy week!

Year 6 completed their 2024 KS2 Mock SATS in style last week.
Thank you to everyone on our staff team for making this such a huge success, especially Mrs McMullen who masterminds the complex operation. I know this is another key step in making sure our children are ready for their tests in May.
I was so impressed with the mature way our...

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HeadLines - 4th March 2024

Keeping our bodies and minds healthy

Last Friday we sprang into March.
We all needed the added energy that Elford 3 gave us from their class assembly on Tuesday - so important to find ways to keep our bodies and minds healthy when you work in such a fast-paced and often challenging world. It was great to see the children perform so confidently and they gave us some great tips on what we can...

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HeadLines - 26th February 2024

Keep on going
The first week of a new half term is always a time to introduce something new as well as reminding children about or reinforcing key things we do in school.
This is the half term when we focus on the importance of perseverance; one of the six key learning skills that we have chosen to highlight in our curriculum. In my two family assemblies I talked about what...
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HeadLines - 5th January 2024

February Arts and Wellbeing Festival 2024

Last week saw the beginning of our first ever February Arts and Wellbeing Festival. Who would have thought that we would be totally engrossed in 'doodling' and 'noodling'? This was introduced to the children as part of MMM time (Music, Mark-making and Mindfulness). Staff from the Creative team inspired everyone by modelling the art of doodling and...

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