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Friday 27th May 2022

Jubilee fever 🏳👑🍰🎈

This has been a half term which has had everything, from KS1 & KS2 SATs to trips to Yorkshire Wildlife park, Temple Newsam and Potternewton park, Music nuggets, Poetry and a wonderful Jubilee celebration week culminating in street parties. Harehills Primary School has done her majesty Elizabeth II proud this week with all their celebrations for the platinum jubilee. The special union jack jubilee flag is flying on our flagpole, and this signalled the start of a Jubilee week.

Jubilee celebrations in school included:

  • A street party as a year group or class on Friday.
  • Making decorations to put up in classrooms/outside during the week.
  • Children and staff wearing red/white/blue clothes on Friday
  • Children bringing some food to share and groups of children making some finger sandwiches/buns to share at the street party
  • Time to check on the trees that were planted for the Jubilee
  • Spending time finding out more about our queen, her family, her role, and responsibilities etc..

I cannot thank the staff team enough for offering the children so many exciting experiences which ensure they are engaged and enthused in their learning. I know just how much time, creativity and effort goes into doing this.

Happy Half term everyone 🙂