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End of Half-Term Feb 2020

Looking after everyone's well-being

We ended a very busy half -term with our second Well-being week which was just wonderful. From daily mindfulness quotes to Mini-me yoga, cooking, singing, painting and time to talk sessions our children have had a week jam-packed with activites to help their well-being; they have absolutely loved this.

Staff have been treated to options such as: leisurely lunches, spa treatments, walking in Roundhay park and the opportunity to take their child to school. I am delighted that so many staff have found these small things have made a big difference to how they feel.

Making time for one another and giving staff and children extra treats helps to make our school such a special place to be and helps remind us all of why we do what we do. So if we ever doubt what an amazing job we do we can remember some of the experiences we have created this week and the comments children and staff have made ❣😍