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Posts from: January 2024

HeadLines - 29th January 2024

Roles and responsibilities

On Friday I had a visit from 6 very happy children who are the first ever to take up the role of 'Rise and Shine' helpers. They couldn't hide the smiles on their faces when they explained to me what their role entails. Having a jacket with 'Rise and Shine' on the back so other children know they are there to look after them, be their friend, or talk to them if they...

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HeadLines - 22nd January 2024

Inspiring children

In the last couple of weeks children have been treated to an ISL (Inspirational Starter Lesson) which is planned in at the beginning of a new theme. Year 6 absolutely loved the chocolate tasting experience which was just one activity in many full of fun introducing them to the Mayans as part of the theme, 'What did our ancestors achieve?"

I got to don my judge's wig and...

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HeadLines - 15th January 2024

A happy, safe place to be

Watching the children return to school last Monday and talking to them around the building, it struck me how happy they are and I thought about what a safe, welcoming place this is.

The focus for both Family assemblies on Tuesday was the launch of this years Safe as Houses project. Miss Melling and Mrs Haywood are the two members of staff that brought the project...

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