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Posts from: September 2023

HeadLines - 25th September 2023


The focus in assembly last week was on collaboration. Thie ability to collaborate effectively is a key life skill and something we focus on in the first half term of the Autumn term.

I shared with the children a project that has just been completed in school, that needed a range of people to collaborate in order to make it happen.
The aim was to transform the untidy and unloved...

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HeadLines - 18th Sept 2023

Keeping everyone safe.

Keeping children and staff safe is of the highest priority for any school - we must be vigilant and respond in a timely way to any issue. It is vital to have a positive and effective 'culture of safeguarding' and to always think that, 'it could happen here'.

At the beginning of this new school year our staff team were reminded of their responsibilities as professionals...

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HeadLines - 11th Sept 2023

Welcome back

Last week was the perfect start to the new school year. The staff team had made sure that all areas of school were tidy, bright and inviting, ready for the return of the children. Tuesday morning the children arrived with big smiles on their faces and very smartly dressed in our school uniform. It was great to see 'Harehills blue' wherever I went. They were so excited about...

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