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Posts from: July 2023

HeadLines - 21st July 2023

Another wonderful year

We have completed another very successful year at Harehills Primary and the last week of this school year was full of special moments. Year 6 performed a fantastic leaver's performance called 'This is the Place' which was so heartfelt and emotional that it left us all reaching for a tissue.

The message was wrapped around being ready to walk through 'The Door' leaving...

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HeadLines - 17th July 2023

Persevere and Reflect

As we reach the final full week of the school year, two words keep coming up over and over again and they are 'persevere' and 'reflect'. These are two of the key attributes that we focus on in school. I have seen so many examples of children and staff being able to do both these things very successfully over the course of the year.

One of the wonderful moments of last...

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HeadLines - 10th July 2023

Coping with change

Conway 3 delivered a lovely assembly all about coping with change and we are at that point of the year when we can see a whole lot of change ahead. It is sometimes difficult to find ways to manage this. In family assemblies, I mentioned a saying that I think about when faced with what might feel like an overwhelming workload and it is, "you can't eat an elephant all in one...

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HeadLines - 3rd July 2023


It is the time of year when I am reading end of year reports for every child. The comments written by teachers and key workers show me just how well our staff know the children they work with. it is also very evident how many experiences the children have had over this school year and their achievements. They are obviously ready to transition up to a new year group or to high...

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