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Posts from: May 2023

HeadLines - 26th May 2023

Musician of the moment

As we entered the hall on Tuesday ready to watch the Year 1 snapshot of learning assembly, 'Rocket Man' by Elton John was playing. There couldn't have been a more apt choice because the assembly showcased Year 1 children's learning through the theme 'A journey to..' which includes a rocket ship landing in their playground and three alien eggs being left for them to care...

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HeadLines - 22nd May 2023

All in a week's work

Another fun and extremely productive week at Harehills Primary complete. Once again, when I look back on the week, it is hard to believe how much we cover in just 5 days. Here are a few things I picked out:

Year 2 SATs

It was lovely to watch the Year 2 children approach their SATS tests with such confidence and enthusiasm. It is such a big ask of many of our children...

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HeadLines - 15th May 2023

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Every year when I reflect on the KS2 SATs week which took place last week there are so many reasons to feel proud of HPS.

Our children amazed and delighted me every single day of a week that is a huge test of, not only their knowledge and skills in English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, Reading and Mathematics, but also their ability to...

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HeadLines - 5th May 2023

Coronation fever hits Harehills Primary School

What a fun end to a four-day week we have had with all things red, white and blue to enjoy. Luxor 1 (Year 5) children treated us to an amazing coronation themed assembly. I really enjoyed finding out so much about what happens during the coronation of a monarch. The children brought Westminster Abbey to our school hall and took us on a journey of...

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HeadLines - 1st May 2023

All in one week?

I took a few minutes to think about all the things that had happened during last week and I was amazed at just how much we do in a week. From Eid parties for all classes, Eid fuddles for staff, Fairtrade assemblies, trips to Yorkshire Wildlife park, Temple Newsam farm and the library, planning meetings for KS2 SATs, and working around a Strike Action day, the list is endless....

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