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Posts from: October 2022

HeadLines - 17th October 2022

Educational experiences

As we are approaching the final week of this half term, I have been reflecting on the wealth of educational experiences we offer at school. For families living on tight budgets, in the current economic climate it is very difficult to do anything beyond feeding and clothing their children. This makes it even more vital that we can offer all those life experiences,...

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HeadLines - 10th October 2022

Celebrating Black History month

October is Black history month and last week Mrs Marshall led our family assemblies. She spoke to the children about famous black people that they already know including, Marcus Rashford, Meghan Markle and Oti Mobuse. The focus of the assembly was then shifted to make the children aware of lesser-known black people who have had significant impact on the world...

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HeadLines - 3rd October 2022

Thank you for the Harvest 🍏🍋🥦🍅🚜🌽

One of the highlights of last week has to be the Harvest assemblies when children gathered together and brought food to share. This year we asked year groups to bring in different items including, pasta, soup, tinned fruit, jam, fruit juice all of which we will give to local foodbanks. The message in our assemblies...

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