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9th October 2023

Celebrating Black History month

October is the time we celebrate Black History Month and the theme this year is 'Celebrating our Sisters' with a focus on influential women of colour. In school we have put up posters of women of colour who have been influential in all walks of life. This is a great talking point for children.

Sandhurst 1 children performed their assembly with a focus on Black History month and they chose to put the spotlight on sporting greats who had often had to overcome barriers to compete in their chosen sport because of the colour of their skin. These included black sports men and women from the past such as Jesse Matthews (athletics) and Althea Gibson (tennis). Other examples of sporting greats from more recent times/current day were mentioned, such as Venus and Serena Williams, John Barnes, Marcus Rashford, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Rhys and Lauren James.

The children made a very valid point at the end of the assembly which was that we should be celebrating the achievements of people of colour all year round and not just in October. They touched on the importance of equality and how diversity should be embraced. This is something we recognise and value at Harehills Primary School. Lots of time is given within the PSHE and RE curriculum to talk about children's thoughts, views and concerns.

Powerful messages given by children to other children are what makes class assemblies so important and enjoyable.