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9th October 2017

Developing Reading

Last week our Strategic Leadership team went into classes throughout school observing teaching and learning in Reading. It was wonderful to see children inspired and engaged in high quality guided reading sessions. Adults are key to helping children understand how books work by 'reading aloud' and 'thinking aloud'. Our children are very lucky to have other adults in their classes who work so well with our teachers to support understanding. We were delighted with what we saw, particularly the range of texts being used which complemented the year groups theme. Lesson observations continue this week and it will be great to take a peek into the reading experiences being offered to other children in our school. Brand new for 2017, our Reading Squad started last Tuesday which offers Year 6 children the chance to be part of an after school club aimed at supporting targeted children to become more confident readers. Great fun which will have a positive effect on all involved.

Continuing to improve achievement in Reading is a priority for our school this year so watch this space for new initiatives.