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9th May 2016

Positive relationships 

It has been a joy to watch our staff buddies meet with their Year 6 children and show an interest in the progress each individual child has made this academic year. Thursday was a really special day when all our 1:1 Readers took time to coach and support the child they will read to in the SATS this week. The relationships which have been established are heart warming and both child and adult have gained personally from this experience.

It is a huge ask of our children who are still learning English to attempt tests where the expectation has been raised to another level this year. I feel so proud of the resilient, confident learners we have nurtured at our school. I have no doubt whatsoever that whatever the tests throw at them, our children will try their very best to achieve the most that they can. Each and everyone of them deserves to succeed and I wish them as much luck as I can.