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8th Jan 2018

A new year; time to reflect

It was a very happy start to 2018 last week at Harehills Primary. Staff returned looking refreshed and ready to face the demands of the new term. It was wonderful to see our children looking so smart in their uniforms and really eager and ready to learn. 

Just before we finished for the Christmas break I shared with the staff team 12 fantastic achievements from the Autumn term:

  • 12 staff training sessions
  • 11 Key Phase staff Circle meetings
  • 10 Monitoring activities
  • 9 class assemblies
  • 8 Educational visits
  • 7 year group parties
  • 6 'Come and share' parents meetings
  • 5 Christmas concerts
  • 4 Key Phase Secret Santas
  • 3 Cluster Moderations
  • 2 successful Reassessments (Healthy schools and Investors in Pupils)
  • and 1 amazing Primary school 

Taking time to reflect on all that we achieve is so important as when we are very busy we sometimes lose sight of just how much we do. I have no doubt that Spring term 2018 will be a very successful one for our school and I look forward to sharing the many events and activities that happen with you.