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8th February 2016

The power of a story 

Last week was National Storytelling week and all our classes were planning in a bit of extra time to share a story. Year 1 children from Bexley 1 used a very old story to deliver an important message in their assembly. Using Talk4Writing actions they told the story of The Three Little Pigs demonstrating confidence and enthusiasm. They added their own twist to the story so they could share strategies for how to deal with your anger. They stopped the story at several points to suggest what the  angry wolf could have done instead of letting his anger control him and blow down the little pigs  houses. Count to ten, find somewhere to relax, do some exercise, talk it through were just some of the strategies they shared that help people calm down.  

Everyone went away from their assembly with a clear message and I am pleased to say I have seen their ideas being put to good use around school. No houses were blown down by angry wolves in Harehills Primary school this week!