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8th December 2014

Creating a little bit of magic

Our children welcomed the start of the festive season with two special Advent Assemblies. The choir sang and we trimmed our Christmas tree. When the lights on the tree were turned on there was a sharp intake of breath and a quiet "Wow" uttered by children young and old!
We spent a few moments reflecting on the tree and the light from the Advent candle, thinking about the special times to come.
Many families joined us after school to "Come and Share" our decorations and listen to the choir sing. Christmas is a time for sharing and giving and that is something our school does so well!

Outdoor Adventures

Year 6 children and the staff who had accompanied them returned with huge smiles on their faces at the end of their residential visit to Robinwood. They had so much to tell and it was evident that they had taken learning to another level in so many ways. Opportunities to learn outside the classroom and to see one another in a different light are invaluable for all involved. They really help shape us into stronger individuals by showing us different sides to our personalities which we might not be aware of! Thank you to all our staff who give their time to make this experience unforgettable and to ensure our children love and laugh while they learn.