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7th October 2019

Exciting experiences

Since the start of this new school year our year groups have planned in so many exciting experiences which really do bring the curriculum to life. Here is a taster of what our children get to do:

  • Year 2 children have explored the woods and had a visit from the owls
  • Year 3 children have appreciated the art of sculpture in Yorkshire Sculpture park
  • Year 5 children have taken a trip back in time when visiting Armley Mills museum and Eden camp

This week Year 6 will put their mountaineering training into practise when they visit Malham, followed next week by Year 1 enjoying a Tutti-Frutti theatre performanceof 'The Boy who cried wolf' and F2 visiting Roundhay park.

Our teachers have carefully planned trips and visits to enhance learning in all subjects. Doing this effectively makes a huge difference to our childrenbeing able to make connections in their learning which ensures they can do more, know more and remember more.

And above all it enables them to learn. laugh and love 👍😃