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7th November 2022

Bonfire Safety and Year 6 journey celebration 🎆🔥🗺

It's been another very happy start to a half term. We may have seen a lot of rain and it is getting dark before we leave work, but the positive, busy vibe across school helps to put a smile on everyone's faces.🙂

We invited Victoria and Hannah who are local PCSOs to our family assemblies on Tuesday. They talked to the children about keeping safe on Bonfire night and I was delighted to see how aware children are of the firework code.

On Thursday we welcomed Year 6 children and their families to school for our first ever Year 6 journey celebration. I spoke about how it will be a very special year for them; one that at the end, they will leave this school taking away with them very happy memories. It is a time for them to show what they have learnt throughout their Primary school years.

Our aim at HPS is for all our children to learn, laugh and love and aspire to be the very best they can be. In Year 6 every child is challenged to reach their full potential. Adults support and guide them to reach their targets and will help them to catch up on any learning lost due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We know that a child’s personal development and welfare is key to their success and our Year 6 team work hard to nurture and care for them.

Mrs McMullen shared our Year 6 Home-School agreement and children from Year 6 talked about IMMERSE (all the key skills that the children will need during this year.

I - Independence

M - Motivation

M- Maturity

E - Effort

R - Respect

S - Supportive

E - Endurance

The event finished with images of every child showing what they aspire to be in the future. Working together with children giving 100% , families offering support and encouragement and school staff giving 100% too we can ensure this is a year when every child feels empowered to achieve. ⭐