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6th November 2017

Halloween and Bonfire night 

The first week of this half term was full of excitement as children and staff got dressed up for our 'Let's get spooky' fun day on Halloween. All classes engaged in fun activities including cooking and art and design. In our first amazing assembly of this half term, Mrs Lee reminded us of the reason why Bonfire night is so significant in this country. She also ensured we all remembered how to keep ourselves safe whilst still enjoying the fun the November 5th celebrations bring.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we hosted our Autumn 'Come and share' parents meeting which were very well attended, showing that we really are one big family working together for our children. Fred the fox from Fuel for school popped in on Thursday and shared some delicious home made soup. 

The weather may have been colder but there was definitely a warm glow of happiness right across our school all week.