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6th March 2017

"We went on a bear hunt"

Last Thursday it was World book day and to celebrate this annual event our reading team led by Miss Pallas came up with a unique and fun way of recognising just how much enjoyment we can have from books.

The whole school took part in a retelling of "We're going on a bear hunt", with very year group dressing up and using props to represent a section of the story. Staff from the reading team and children took on the roles of the family hunting for the bear. They swished, squelched, stumble tripped and tiptoed their way around the hall and we all joined in enthusiastically as storytellers.

Our celebration started and finished with a fantastic rendition of the song "I like books", chosen by Mrs Jack especially for the occasion. Some of the lyrics in the song mention 'a journey of the imagination' that you can go on when you read a book and our entire school certainly were transported into that magic world during our celebration.

Can't wait to see what the Reading team come up with for next year.