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6th February 2023

Making connections in learning

Over the past fortnight member of SLT have made lesson visits to watch all teachers in action. The focus of these visits has been on the use of feedback in lessons. At our weekly SLT meeting we shared our comments from what we had seen right across school. We were all delighted by the high standard of feedback and marking that we saw.

It is very evident that every second in lessons is used to enable children to make as much progress as possible because teachers and support staff use feedback so effectively. Formative assessment is used to ensure that prior knowledge is reactivated from the last lesson. Children can make connections easily to what they had been taught before.

There is a very secure understanding of whatever is being taught which demonstrated itself in teachers being able to pre-empt where to ask key questions and prompt for evidence of greater understanding. This was reinforced throughout the lessons enabling the children to make links so they could remember more.

The regular and timely feedback ensured that the pace of the lesson was maintained, and all children were engaged in the session. The children’s confidence was very evident by the high level of participation, and they enjoyed the structure of the lessons.

It was particularly great to hear the children's feedback on their lessons and what helps them to learn. They certainly value the rnage of activities they are given and the support that they have from all adults in their classrooms.