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6th February 2016

Real life drama: Who left the oven on?

Last week was another week filled with fun; most notably the drama of 'who left the staffroom oven on'? Every single year 2 child was totally hooked and immersed in the learning that the mystery of a burning pizza can bring! Add in a real life fire alarm and a crime scene and the possibilities become endless?!

The Harehills Curriculum at its creative best gave us the opportunity to have a practise of our fire drill and it was great to watch all classes exiting the building so quickly and sensibly. Over 800 people had evacuated the school in less than 5 minutes which is fantastic. Reassuring to see that we know how to keep ourselves safe should there be a fire on site.

Year 2 children have investigated the incident and managed to identify the culprit. I am relieved to report that the adult responsible had put a pizza in the oven and forgotten about it. Thankfully the event did not trigger a tragedy on the scale of the Great Fire of London and the staffroom is back to normal. What it did achieve was to inspire a masterclass of learning activities in year 2 which will continue for the rest of this half term.

This really does foster the love of learning we aim to achieve as often as possible at Harehills Primary.