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5th October 2020

Globovision 2020- putting on a show

The coronavirus pandemic might have meant that we have had to re-think some of the activities we would normally do in school, but the teachers at HPS will always find a way to inspire and engage our children.

Faced with being unable to open the Sandhurst Restaurant to offer children a range of international cuisine with the intention of them writing reviews as food critics, the year 6 teachers knew they had to come up with an alternative ISL (inspirational starter lesson). What they came up with was nothing short of fab-u-lous😍. They created Globovision which was their own version of Eurovision on a worldwide scale. Acts represented every continent and included Bert Olli (Mrs Mcmullen's version of Pavarotti!) and Marshall Hearts (Mr Lockett) singing Kung Fu fighting 😂. Year 6 children loved being able to critique the performance and voting for their favourites. Three very cute penguins performing as Flappy Feet proved to be incredibly popular, but Mrs Close's serious rendition of Havana was unquestionably the most professional act of the day.

During these difficult times a little bit of light entertainment is just what we all need. Thank you, Year 6, for adding a bit of glitz and glamour to last week.👏✨👏😊