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5th May 2023

Coronation fever hits Harehills Primary School

What a fun end to a four-day week we have had with all things red, white and blue to enjoy. Luxor 1 (Year 5) children treated us to an amazing coronation themed assembly. I really enjoyed finding out so much about what happens during the coronation of a monarch. The children brought Westminster Abbey to our school hall and took us on a journey of the actual ceremony with some wonderful acting skills and some very solemn and poignant moments. Thanks go to Miss Ahmed and Mrs Aslam because the props were superb. I am delighted to say that they have made their way into my office.

Coronation items

Keeping in the spirit of the coronation, Year 3 and 4 children certainly had fun joining in the 'Party in the Palace' drama workshops which began with Operation Golden Orb. I peeped through the door and saw them dancing and having a wonderful time.

We decided upon Friday as our main coronation celebration day and all children and staff came dressed in red, white and blue and I was very excited going around school to spot all the crowns and tiaras. :) I had chosen a gold bejewelled crown and I wasn't disappointed because lots of staff and children had also found some glittery head gear.

It was the perfect start to a weekend of coronation celebrations and to mark a moment in history in true HPS style and we all had a great time.