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5th July 2021

Skills, knowledge and understanding 📚👩‍🏫🖌👨‍🎨🎭

I am currently reading every child's end of year report, something which I find incredibly rewarding. 😊 What has really impressed me is the breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding the children in all year groups have. Even though we are having to work hard to close the gaps in learning due to time out of school because of national lockdowns, it is wonderful to see that children have experience the wide range of subjects and aspects that we designed our Harehills Curriculum to offer.

I am sure that parents and carers will be keen to celebrate all their child has achieved in a school year full of challenges when they receive the reports on Monday 19th July.

Whilst reading reports I took time out to watch the virtual snapshot into learning that Year 3 had put together to share with the whole school. It was without doubt a fantastic celebration of learning which truly demonstrates the engaging learning that has taken place throughout the year in all three classes. The quality of work shown was excellent. Well done to the Year 3 staff team for all the hard work that goes behind creating a snapshot like this and well-done Year 3 children for all you have achieved this year! 👏🙂👏