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4th March 2019

A hook into learning

When I read the post-it notes that children had written with reasons why they love our school, many of them mentioned theme lessons; this week reminded me why that might be so. The mystical music from the Harry Potter films filled the air as our Year 6 children entered the building on Tuesday and on their tables every child found a letter telling them they had successfully got into Hogwarts. They looked totally spellbound and couldn't wait to go into our Grand Hall to see what might happen next. Our Year 6 team had cleverly put together a magical experience which saw every child and adult put on the Sorting hat and find out which house they were to be in for the rest of this half term.

The children had read a few chapters of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone and had enough of an insight to be able to ask and answer questions. This was a master class in hooking children into learning and I am excited to follow their learning journey over the coming weeks.

This is just one example of the exciting high quality learning experiences that are planned for our children. Others last week included Year 5 children getting an introduction to the colourful characters of some of the Greek Gods and Year 3 visiting Pizza Express to get a taster of creating your own healthy pizza.

Who wouldn't want to be a Primary school child?