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4th December 2017

Keeping active

Over the last couple of weeks our children have been making the most of being active outdoors. The Ashton classes all spent a day at Skelton Grange and enjoyed a range of activities on offer. 

Last week, 38, Year 6 children took on the many challenges asked of them during our winter residential at RobinWood. 

It was an absolute delight to listen to children excitedly telling you that they have conquered their fears of heights and the dark amongst other things. The secret was having self-belief, perseverance, resilience and being part of a team. So many life lessons can be learned from the opportunities the great outdoors offers us and it is important we continue to include trips such as these as part of our Harehills Curriculum

Never mind, "I'm a celebrity get me out of here," we have a group of children saying, "I'm a year 6 child, get me back into RobinWood!"