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3rd October 2022

Thank you for the Harvest 🍏🍋🥦🍅🚜🌽

One of the highlights of last week has to be the Harvest assemblies when children gathered together and brought food to share. This year we asked year groups to bring in different items including, pasta, soup, tinned fruit, jam, fruit juice all of which we will give to local foodbanks. The message in our assemblies was how those of us who are lucky to have the food we need can help others who are not so fortunate. We took time to reflect on this and to be thankful. Watching children aged 4-11 come and place their items on the harvest table was wonderful - the generosity of our families and staff team is heart-warming. Add in the impeccable behaviour and the wonderful Year 6 singing of the Harvest Samba and you create special moments.

The re-introduction of family assemblies has definitely added another important element back to life as part of the HPS family. I am so looking forward to the next few weeks which include celebrations for Black History month, Mental health day and helloyellow Day 2022 and our first class assembly of the year which will be all about Diwali.😊