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3rd November 2014

Manners Matter

Darfield 3 children led our Assemblies and reminded us how important it is to have good manners. Using good manners is one of our 5 school rules and I am proud to say visitors to school frequently comment on how polite the children are at Harehills Primary. Members of the public have also praised children wherever we have been on trips out of school. Having good manners is a life skill which will help you in whatever you do in the future.

Sharing our achievements

It was lovely to see so may families coming into school to meet teachers and share their child's progress on the last week of the half term. It is good to know that families want to work with us to help support their child. Our new Maths Strategies guides were well received and will be a great help I am sure. Teachers were delighted to share an improvement in Attendance with many families. Much to celebrate after a busy, focussed 8 weeks.

Lots to love and laugh about while we learn coming up this Half term