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3rd July 2023


It is the time of year when I am reading end of year reports for every child. The comments written by teachers and key workers show me just how well our staff know the children they work with. it is also very evident how many experiences the children have had over this school year and their achievements. They are obviously ready to transition up to a new year group or to high school.

For me, last week was also a week of data recording. I spent time with Assistant Headteachers inputting the final outcomes for children from F2, Year 2 and Year 6. We also had our Y1 Phonics Screening check & Y2(re-check) scores confirmed along with accessing the Y4 Multiplication Tables Check results. At our weekly SLT meeting we took time to reflect on our results and what is very obvious is the strong progress our children have made this year. In a year that yet again has thrown a great deal of challenges, it is wonderful to see results that have smashed the targets set by SLT.

We have yet to see the final assessment data for all year groups, but I know it will show the impact of the high-quality teaching and learning that is delivered every day at HPS and I am very proud of that.